Car Park System HIP WJPJ101 Infrared Photocell



1.It is very Convenient for installation
2.It is Reliable for controling
3.It has a long service time

– Operating Temperature: -0 C to +115 C (You have wejoin temperature-increasing equipment as an option in the lowest temperature)
– Reted Voltage : 220V 10% 50HZ/60HZ 110 10%50HZ/60HZ
– Reted power : 240W
– The relative temperature: Less than 90%
– Remote distance : Maximum 30 M
– Beam Speed : 1.2 Seconds, 3 seconds, 6 seconds
– Beam length: Routine straight beam is within 6 meters, folding bearm is withis 5 meters, two fence beam is within 4.5 meters, three fence beam is within 4 meters, special beam (6 seconds) the straight beam can be 8 meters, folding beam can be 7 meters, and fence beam can be 6 meters.
– Beam type: 3 seconds barrier beam are 100×45 Octagon beam (Yellow and or White color) 1.2 seconds barrier beam are 80×45 Octagon beam or Ellipse beam.



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